Investors Funding

Investors Funding USA Is a Leading Organization in Private Funding & Equity Capital.

Investors Funding USA is currently seeking investment opportunities from entrepreneurs, people that want to be entrepreneurs, experienced brokers, various investors that need help in order to secure the required capital.

Investors Funding USA Guidelines

The range of investors funding is not fixed, however we should be clear that most of investments do not go below $2,000,000, and have no maximum amount. Please make sure you do not minimize your capital requirements, since you and Investors Funding USA need to secure the success of each investment.

Sending Proposals to Investors Funding USA

Please make sure that before you submit any business plan, teaser or executive summary to Investors Funding USA, you did all the mathematics in a realistic and reliable way.

Investors Funding USA Working with Brokers

Investors Funding USA has a long history working with professional intermediates, including, but not limited to experienced brokers, investment consultants, private bankers, consulting firms, investment bankers, legal advisers, insurance brokers, risk management firms and other highly qualified professionals. If you would like to work with us in organizing investors funding for others, please send your CV and detailed information about yourself and/or your company to, and if someone with your qualification and experience is relevant for your area, region and business sector, we may contact you.

Investors Funding USA Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Investors Funding USA, reserves the right to select the entrepreneurs, consultants, investors or any other partners, supplying or not, various products or services and to refuse proposals without the need for a reason or any kind of explanation.

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If you are a financial institution, merchant bank, investment bank, venture capital firm, investment fund specialized in real estate, project finance, start-ups in fintech or other sectors, hedge fund, private investor, private equity based financing group or any other capital provider, funding source and investor, you may have your information, website URL placed here for 800 dollars monthly or 8,000 dollars for one year (12 months) payment.

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